A girl looks beautiful in long blond hair. For that, they use to bleach sometime. But, sometimes bleaching left hair orange, red, and red shaded that girls don’t like at all. However, Wella is one of the well-known brands which offer Wella Toner T18, T14, T10, and T28 to make hair lighten and blond. So, here’s the full Wella Toner Chart and applying tips.

Well, if you don’t know which Wella Toner to use and which Wella Toner should use then you will get here every idea about using and choosing. Furthermore, you can also get here full applying process along with Wella Toner Chart and Wella t18 before and after effects.

Which Wella Toner to use?

  • Get T15, T11, T27, or T35 if your hair is naturally dark.
  • Get T10, T18, T14, or T28 to get a pale or ash blonde shade.

Let me help to get the idea with below Wella Toner Chart.

Wella Hair Toner Chart

Wella Hair Toner Chart

Wella Toner Chart

How to Apply Wella Toner Hair

Appling Wella Toner is quite a straightforward task. You can easily do it yourself at your home without any help. Let see the steps.

Step #1: Select the best Wella Toner as the above tips.

Step #2: Next, mix up the Wella hair toner.

Mingle 1 part toner with 2 parts 20-volume developer, and mix together them together with a brush. If your Wella toner comes with a 10 volume developer, mix in 1 part toner and 4 parts 10-volume developer.

Step #3: Now shampoo your hair.

Step #4: Time to apply the Wella hair toner onto places that need it the most.

You can apply some hair conditioner avoid getting the toner on strands that don’t need it.

Step #5: Now you can leave Wella hair toner to process for about 5 minutes as per your need of to neutralize, brighten or deepen hair.

If you see your hair is already close up to the blonde that you can leave the toner in for only 2 or 3 minutes.

Step #6: wash your hair and applies hair conditioner to rehydrate your colored hair. Don’t shampoo your hair again. It will ruin your entire effort.

That’s it!

This is how you can use Wella Toner Chart and choose a best Wella Toner and then apply it to your hair. Well, many people asked about Wella t18 before and after effects. So, here you can see some images and compare!

Wella T18 Before and After

Wella T18 Before and After

Wella T18 Before and After

Your Feedback?

Hope you followed the guide properly and brighten up your hair, right? If you have any question regarding this topic, feel free to ask us in comments!