Steam Straightener

Hair straighteners are being used for more than 100 years. Earlier women used to use heat their hair with different kinds of tool to get their straighten hair. Erica Feldman believed to be the first person who used the ironing device to straighten her hair in 1872. Since then modernization has brought various types of electronic hair straighteners. Flat Iron straighteners have always been favorites since Jennifer Anniston brought the straight hair trend in the world with all-time hit sitcom FRIENDS. Now we have more safe and steamed flat iron straighteners.

Now there is a new hype in the hair grooming trend right now about hair brush straightener. It looks like the traditional hair brush but with its steaming and heating feature, it is really an awesome tool to add in your grooming equipment. There are a lot of products and various types of flat iron and steam hair brushes available in the market. So you might be in dilemma on which of these products is best suitable for your hair types. So here we made a detailed use, benefits and limitations of hair brush straighteners and flat iron straighteners.


Hair Brush Straightener

As we know that excessive heat can damage your hair as well as your scalp. In fact, water hotter than our body temperature is also harmful to some hair types. So, if you are blessed with thin hair or if you have hairs that get damage easily then, hair brush straightener would be the best choice for you, as they usually generate lesser heat than a flat iron straightener. Apart from this, hair brush straighteners could be used to add shine to dull hair.

Types of Hair Brush Straightener:

  • The flat de-tangling electric hair brush – It is the best for untangling and adding shine to your hair.
  • The rotating round barrel electric brush – It helps to add volume to thin hair
  • The double plated rectangle brush – This type of hair brush is best for damaged and slightly curly hair as it doesn’t generate heat by itself.

Benefits – Hair Brush Straightener

Hair brush straighteners are very popular and we have mentioned some benefits of it with the following reasons:

  • Due to low heat levels, they are suitable for thin and easily damageable hair
  • There fewer chances of accidentally damaging hair due to the absence of hot spots,
  • It removes static electricity and adds negative ions
  • It is a more comprehensive process as you brush your hair while straightening the, at the same time with a single tool.
  • They add shine to the dull hairs.
  • They are best suitable to quickly get to the desired heat.
  • They are safe for hair and scalp so they can be used often.

The Limitations – Hair Brush Straightener

Here are some disadvantages of using a hair brush straightener, such as:

  • Not suitable for people with very thick hair and intense curly hair
  • It takes more time than straightening your hair with the flat iron.

Flat Iron Straightener

Flat iron straighteners are really the best for very thick, frizzy, curly, or Afro-American hair. They generate a much higher temperature than hair brush straighteners and they work just like iron of cloth. By clamping the hair tightly between its two flat plates, the heat is applied very effectively to the hair to straighten your them. So, excessive and daily use of flat irons can potentially damage your hair. Flat iron does not add volume to your hair as Hair Straightener does. They cannot be used daily but it is the best companion if you are traveling then it will help to groom your hair in a short time.

The Benefits – Flat Iron Straighteners

There are many benefits of flat iron straighteners that make them the most popular right now, such as:

  • They are very effective on flattening, thick and curly hair
  • It is very handy and easy to use.
  • The effects done by the Flat Iron last longer so it doesn’t require that much maintenance after that.

The Drawbacks – Flat Iron Straighteners

There are also some disadvantages of using Flat Iron Straighteners, we have stated them below:

  • As they generate more heat so excessive and more frequent use of flat iron straighteners can damage your hair and it can also cause scalp dryness.
  • If you are using some cheaper models flat iron then, the iron plates may possibly produce hotspots which mean some areas on the plates may generate heat much more than others which may cause damage to your hair
  • It will make your hair flat and will not add volume to them.


There are several major differences between hair brush straighteners and flat iron straighteners. So before you select any of these devices you may need to consider what type of hair you have, what is your purpose, and nature of hair whether they are easily damageable or what? If your hair is thin and a little curly and you want to add volume to them then Hair Brush Straightener is best for you. If your hairs are thick and more curly then we would suggest you go for flat iron as they can straighten your hair easily. But in both case, you need to see that if your hairs are easily damageable are afraid of more heat then, avoid flat iron.