How to Heal A Burn Fast

Life is very busy these days and due to mind divert accident happens commonly, sometimes with hot coffee, while cooking in the kitchen, sunburn, Hot shower bath, Hot milk or other reasons that burn your skin fast and due to this skin burn is very common in one third person who user in touch in kitchen.



It is very important to heal a burn fast because when you live it by saying it’s just a little then you will get the spot reminder for entire life or the damage turned in to infection or fungus which may cause the heavy medical treatment and pain.

As deep your skin is burned the skin burned is categorized per damage of the skin. There are first, a second, third and fourth degree which can tell the critical situation of a patient that much he/she burned.

How to Heal A Burn Fast – [Level of Burned]

How to Heal A Burn Fast

1#. In this situation, the skin has been damaged in the first layer and can be recovered easily with home remedies.

Symptoms: You can see the redness, light burn or swelling.

2#. Here in this degree, the skin layer burned deeply which need some medical treatment.

Symptoms: You can see the whiteness, blisters or shiny skin, also the wet water bubble on the burned area.

3#. If anyone is under third Degree then this means the very serious condition of skin tissue which you can measure 50% of the body is burned.

Symptoms:  Here you can see the skin burned directly with naked eyes, while the patient is suffering from the pain.

4#. Here is the dangerous stage of skin burned where the patient needs the high alert emergency.

Symptoms: You can see the patient is shouting constantly due to control-less Pain and the body burned more than 70%. 

How to Heal A Burn Fast [Best Home Remedies]

How to Heal A Burn Fast

If you are at the first stage or mid of the second stage of skin burn then you can follow this home remedies for burns and secure your skin with this best home treatments.

Step 1: Cool down the Burn

Here your first priority after you skin burn is to put the cool water (running or dip) for at least 15 to 25 minutes that can help to reduce the pain and burn on your damaged skin.

IMPORTANT! If you put ice cold water on burn skin then your skin tissue will be damaged and more cause may be on your hand.

Step 2: Pressure to cool the burn

Here you put some clean clothes on the top of the burn area to get rid of pain and secure the area from the germs and bacteria that can cause more harm.

Step 3: Protect with Antibiotic

Now if you still have pain that can be handled due to sensitive skin, so spread some ointment cream which represents the bacterial shield such as Neosporin and Bacitracin. Apply this cream and cover with sterile or clean cloths so the burn can be less and the damage is recovered. Please note that do now use those ointments that can spread more infection.





Honey is the best moisturizing treatment in skin care; you can see lots of beauty creams that add the honey for good healthy skin. Here in skin burn treatment honey heal the skin tissue upper layer with its natural power and also reduce the burn. It can also help to get the burned skin rid of bacterial and fungal with its protective shield.

METHOD: Gently apply honey all around the burn area without any rub and drop some on the topmost burn area and leave it until dry itself.

FOR BEST RESULT: For one week repeat twice this honey method and get the burned skin recover completely along with the glow moisture.


How to Heal A Burn Fast

Aloe Vera is the first aid for human skins which repair the skin fast as well as give the natural glow to the skin just like baby skin.

You can use aloe vera in a first or second stage which can help you to reduce the pain of a burn; it also gives the anti-inflammatory to the burned skin. You can also get the fast damage skin growth with any evidence left behind with Aloe vera plus promotes circulation.

METHOD: Apply daily after wakeup or before go to bed which will work fast to repair, also keep the burn area from the water which can direct get connect with infection or bacteria.

What to do when you have cooking oil burn

Cooking oil burn means 200°C (392°F) temperature to cook the food which means skin burned Third Degree or fourth degree. If the skin is not burned then you can apply upper home remedies steps and secure your skin tissue but if the oil is very hot that damage the innermost part of the skin then directly concerned with the skin specialist.

We hope that you always calm your mind while working in a kitchen or some hot field that can save your skin and life which is more precious than anything in the world. If you have any question regarding this topic contact us or comment us we will update you with your question.

If you have the strong heart that can handle the sensitive images of the patient with first, second, third, fourth-degree burn pictures only then scroll down to see the pictures otherwise all the matters for this topics are completed.