Fix Orange Hair with Box Dye

So many times I hear girls scream around like ‘I dyed my hair and it turned orange how do I fix it’. But, that’s usually for sure. But, the great thing is there is a way to fix orange hair. More often than not when a girl ends up the bleaching session, sometimes their hair turns orange by misguidedly. So, if you habitually bleach your hair then you should know how to get rid of orange hair.

Well, some people prefer to use Wella Toner to repair orange hair after bleaching. But, here we are gonna tell you how to fix orange hair with box dye. The major reason for getting hair turning orange is lesson use of dye and bleach while bleaching process. It won’t take so long to get back the original colour of your hair. You just need to take help from your loved one to apply dye on your hair. For sure you can do it, right? So, are you ready? If so, then let’s go ahead!

Steps to Fix Orange Hair with Box Dye

Step #1: First of all, get sufficient dye to cover your entire hair.

Step #2: Next, branch your hair into lean sections that are easy to cover.

Step #3: Now take help from your friend to help you with the application to ensure even coverage.

Step #4: Leave it from some amount of time.

Step #5: Now time to finish with shampooing and conditioning your hair.

That’s it!

Well, this was a simple and quick way to re-do your hair colour from orange. In a case, if you looking for the way to get orange out of hair at home then you can add some blue or purple food colouring to your shampoo and conditioner. And then you can apply it on your hair to fix orange hair problem.

Your Feedback

After following this guide, for sure you will get your real hair colour back. In a case, if your hair doesn’t change then you can freely ask us in the comments. We would love to have your feedback in the comments. Stay tuned to get more beauty and health tips!