HomeMade Wax

Wax is a sticky substance with a strong elastic molecule that helps to remove hair while applying to adhere on skin. This process of removing hair is very old and been used by almost every woman in her life. Sometimes men also apply wax in order to remove unwanted hair by pulling it out from body follicle. Waxing is commonly applied in a saloon for almost every part of the body but sometimes the cost is not affordable. So many people prefer homemade wax.

The waxing areas are pubic hair, arms, eyebrows, back, knuckles, legs, and feet which may be a sensitive part of the body, so removing hardly can cause damage to the skin when the wax is made from the chemical. So instead of hurting yourself, homemade wax is a good option to apply and it works on every part mention above because the method to make homemade wax is different which includes natural and herbal products. There are multiples products are available in the market for waxing but it gives side effects like redness, burn, or blood appear while pulling. This is the main reason to avoid chemical waxing and used the homemade wax for health benefit which is our first priority in every knowledgeable health article.


First I was using the razor to shave my legs, hands, and underarms which make the hair thick and pointing. It becomes very difficult for me during the night while sleeping, the hair pinch and creates itches. So I started using a wax product in a saloon that removes hair and gives me comfort soft skin. Next day due to the chemical made wax the skin dry like a desert and create more problems such as dullness on hand and legs.

I started to research and created the method to make Homemade Wax that is chemical free and give me a natural look, also keep my skin silky, shining and smooth. This method I shared and applied to my family ladies, friends and even share this homemade wax method to my grandma town west Sierra, California where most of the saloons are using this to get the low-cost wax without any side effects.


How to Remove Facial Hair At Home Instantly

The face is the first attraction part of the body which has more sensitive skin because it gets very easily in contact with germs and bacteria. If you have the sensitive skin then it can cause more problems when we use depilatory creams available in the market. Instead of applying chemical product use the sugaring method that will help you safe waxing at home. To remove the unwanted hair from face apply this homemade wax method and get proper wax.

Before Apply you need to follow:

  • In order to get safe homemade wax to remove unwanted hair then you need to clean your skin with warm water.
  • You can also wash your face with your regular cleanser. This will help your skin to get rid of the dist, oil or dirt so the removing method can be easier.

To clean the dead skin from the face, legs hand, underarms, abdomen, knuckles, feet and back: To make easier for Wax to remove unwanted hair from the skin

  • Rub your skins with slightly wet cloth by moving your hand round in a circular way.
  • This will remove the dead skin cell in scales and layers of skin.

Things needs:

  • Baking soda 4tbs
  • Water 1 tbs
  • Empty bowl
  • Cleanser

Method to apply:

  • Add baking soda in a bowl with water as per required and mixed it will.
  • Leave the mixture for 12 seconds
  • Apply gently on the skin with same round motions for 3 minutes
  • Now rinse with warm water

HomeMade Wax

What are the benefits of Homemade Wax?

  • It is less painful
  • It reduces the chances in less ingrown hair
  • It’s made with natural ingredients

Things Need To Make Homemade Wax:

  • Sugar: By melting the sugar it will stick on skin and help to pull out the unwanted hair
  • Honey: It provides the softness and moisture to the skin
  • Lemon: By adding the juice of lemon, it will heal and kills remaining bacteria that can cause a problem during or after hair removal.
  • Non-sticky Saucepan
  • Spatula to apply Wax on skin
  • Strips to pull hair

Method to Make Homemade Wax:

  • Add sugar (quantity as per required) in an empty bowl
  • Add lemon juice (quantity as per required) In 4 tbs of sugar add the juice of a half lemon.
  • Mixed it well till becoming a paste
  • Now melt the mixture with the help of microwave and pull out the bowl
  • Cool to the normal temperature that can apply on your skin while stirring
  • You can use the Wax warming machine mention in the product list instead of the microwave.
  • Now your homemade wax is ready to apply

How to Apply:

  • Apply the sugar wax onto the unwanted hair and spread it with Spatula. Try to make a thin layer so it can pull easily with the strip.

Note: The homemade wax temperature should be normal at room temperature.

  • Place the strip on the top of applied wax and press it to stick better
  • Hold the opposite part of your skin and pull the strip in one shot

Note: The strip must be pulled to the opposite direction of growing hair.

  • Apply the same procedure until entire unwanted hair is removed
  • Now clean your face with slightly wet cloth in order to remove entire remaining homemade sugar wax from your face or other parts of the skin.
  • Your waxing process is completed with homemade wax

How To Make Homemade Wax And Apply By Your Self In Video Tutorial [Home Remedy]

Sometimes you don’t understand the steps in writing, so make it more interesting to understand the method check out the video to make homemade wax and apply method.

Want To Buy Products For Homemade Wax

You can get these products nearest local market but sometimes it quality or price comes in between your homemade wax, so we search and select from the topmost ranked online product which you can buy it from home and if doesn’t satisfied with the product then you can return it.

1#. Salon Sundry Portable Electric Hot Wax Warmer Machine for Hair Removal:

Price: $15.99

  • Fast heat
  • Versatile use
  • See-through Lid
  • Convenient sized
  • Easy to clean

2#. NaturalRays Wax Warmer, Femiro Hair Removal Home Waxing Kit with 4 Flavors Stripless Hard Wax Beans @ Homemade Waxing:

Price: $33.99

20 Wax Applicator Sticks (Full Body, Legs, Face, Eyebrows, Bikini Women Men Painless)

  • Premium Quality
  • Rapid Melt Waxing Kit
  • Easy to operation
  • Effective
  • High Compatibility

3#. Easy Sweet 100% Natural 200 gm Sugaring Sugar Wax Hair Removal Honey & Molasses Sweet Paste (Honey)

Price: $10.98 & FREE Shipping

  • No side effect
  • Not liquid sugar wax
  • Allergic reaction
  • Soft Paste
  • Used for facial hair

4#. Begin Large All Natural Wax Applicator Sticks 6″ (Pack of 100):

Price: $6.99

  • Efficient wide size
  • Smooth and Clean
  • Excellent Value
  • Perfect for multiple areas
  • For home or salon use

5#. Bememo 500 Pack Wax Spatulas Wood Craft Sticks Small for Hair Removal Eyebrow Wax Applicator Sticks:

Price: $7.99 ($0.02 / Count) & FREE Shipping

  • Useful applicator
  • Extensive use
  • Size of the wax stick
  • Enough quantity

6#. Large Wide Wax Applicator Sticks 6 in x 3/4 in 100 Pack by Princess Sticks:

Price: $5.99

  • Bamboo Wood
  • Spa, Salon, beauty shop, treatment product
  • All Natural
  • Chemical free
  • Smooth
  • Reusable
  • Finish for hair removal
  • Clean and smooth
  • Very durable

7#. Sunflower beewaxed rite-Cell Nature fundation Beehive Honey Comb Beekeeping Raising Tools:

Price: $41.99

  • Textured cell
  • Heavyweight plastic holds
  • Deeper cell
  • Quick acceptance
  • Sharper cell

8#. Stone & Beam Sauce Pan with Lid, 4-Quart, Hard-Anodized Non-Stick Aluminum:

Price: $27.25

  • Aluminum60%
  • Glass20%
  • Non-stick coating (PTFE)
  • Stainless Steel20%
  • Heat distribution
  • Saucepan (4-quart)

9#. Olay 4-in-1 Fragrance & Soap Free Daily Facial Cloths for Sensitive Skin 33 Count, Packaging May Vary:

Price: $10.88

  • Water activated cloths
  • Facial cleansing (5-in-1)
  • Wipes remove dirt and oil.
  • Makeup remover
  • Better clean than basic cleansing
  • Hydrating wipes
  • Exfoliate and smooth texture

10#. Pangda 20 Pieces Cotton Facial Cleansing Muslin Cloths Soft Cloths Remove Makeup Tool Polishing Facial Cloths, Pink and Blue:

Price: $10.68

  • Cotton facial cleanser
  • Wide application
  • Water absorption
  • Dry quickly
  • Good quality cotton
  • Durable
  • No-fray
  • Double cotton
  • Very sturdy

It is very important that you take care of your skin even it takes more time to make the formula for waxing because once the skin is damaged then it will take more time to recover. To secure your precious skin we always provide the best health benefits tips in order to make you look young and beautiful. If you like this homemade wax tip then shares it with your family and friend in order to spread the healthy tips of homemade wax. Share your experience with us in the comment box and we will update you with other health tips.