hair straightening brush

Before one buy hair brush straightener of her own, one can’t understand the significant use of hair straightening brushed and why some people are so thrilled about it. As human beings, we are never satisfied with what we have got. People with curly hair wish to have straight hair and people who do have straight hair fantasize about curls. Right now we are living in a time where everything is possible and every change can be brought. But instead of bringing permanent change to your natural hair we will recommend to change them according to the occasion.

The hair straightening brush you use may either make or break your hair blow out. A good hair brush straightener is, that meant for styling, it will help to tone down frizz and will reduce the need for heat. It can be the best investment that will be resulted in the form of amazing hair. Recently hair brush straighteners, like modern flat irons and hot combs have become more reliable and safe to use regularly. So we have presented you here the best hair straightening brush in 2019. Hair brush for every type of hair you have. So look at the list at choose whichever is perfect for your hair.

How to Buy Hair Straightening Brush? – Types of Hair Brush Straighteners

Every woman needs a different type of hair brush that suits her hair best. For example, a woman with sensitive and thin hair should never go for flat iron as it will turn her hair to toast by the high temperature. This is why electric hair straightening brushes have become an overnight sensation. And the manufacturers of this are bringing a variety of brush straighteners.

Mainly there are two types of hair straightening brushes, first, Paddle or flat brushes that look and work similarly to standard detangling brushes. It works to straighten the hair with heat generated by the plate while producing negative ions that makes hair smooth and smooth.

Second, barrel or rotating hair straightening brush also detangle, add shine and straighten hairs. Such types of brushes help to add volume to thin hair as its hot air is directed into the hair as their ceramic barrel rotate. It is the best option for long hair and it works both ways as you are able to curl as well as straighten.

Significant Features of Hair Straightening Brush

There are several important features of hair brush straighteners which are given below in the following topic.

  • Heat Levels – Heat levels are important, you can adjust the heat temperature that will suit your hair best. Thicker the hair, more temperature, and lower heat for thin hair.
  • Types of Straightening Plates Used – One should check this before buying the actual product. Ceramic plates are the best for colored, delicate hair as it heats slowly. On the other hand, Titanium and Tourmaline heat up very quickly so they would be good for thick hair but not for thin hairs.
  • Types of Bristles – You should consider the type of bristle your brush has. Nylon is the best for sensitive scalps. Girls whose hair tangles easily can opt for hairbrush straighteners that have bristles tipped with tiny balls made of rubber, silicon or other materials. They detangle hair without snagging and they are comfortable.
  1. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

The design is very simple, and you won’t need to buy another box of brushes for all types of hair. This one brush made in a bit unusual oval shape that has a ceramic coating and unique vents to help for drying your hair quickly and safely. The oval design helps you get straight to the roots by providing an extra lift, while the round edges smoothened the hair and set the appropriate volume. Its flexible bristles will also detangle hair almost effortlessly.

There are main two heat and speed settings you can use depending on how much time you have got to ready to spend on drying and styling hair. There’s also a cool air mode to add just a few final touches or for people who don’t want to give their hair hot-air treatment. But honestly, with this brush, if you use the hottest mode, it is completely safe thanks to the ionization technology.

  1. Glamfields Heated MCH Hair Straightening Brush

This brush has a large size and rectangular shape of brush head; it’s bigger and wider than other straightening brushes, which helps to grab more hair on each pass. This Glamfields product releases negative ions to cure frizz while preventing split ends and knotting. When we talk about its performance, it is apart from the pack. It gets your hair straightened beautifully and quickly with its metal ceramic heater that requires just a 40-second warm-up, so you don’t have to for a long time to get your brush to reach ate certain temperature.

3. AsaVea MCH Hair Straightener Brush 3.0

This AsaVea is the perfect choice for thicker hair. Moreover, it’s more expensive and not suitable for thin hair.

The thing that boosts this brush’s performance is a big comb which covers large volumes of hair, with a curved base that grabs hair right to the comb. It delivers heat temperature via metal ceramic technology which ensures a quick hair straightening. AsaVea takes about 60 seconds, slightly longer than it is with the Glamfields, to heat up.

There are 12 heat settings on this brush, range from 250-450°, so it is useful for all types of hair. The only drawback here is that this hair brush does not generate negative ions, which are very helpful to get rid of frizz and create smoother, shinier hair.

4. Head Kandy Detangler Hair Straighter Brush

This electric hair brush straightener is considered to be one of the best in the market so far, that’s why we have put it on our top list. This brush is packed with the anti-scald technology that protects your skin from burn and tourmaline ceramic plates helps to protect your hair from drying. It has three temperature settings and it heats up to the maximum 450℉ which means this brush is recommendable for all types of hair.

5. Gisala Hair Straightening Brush

The main reasons why this brush has made to our list is that it uses special metal ceramic heater technology to heat up in a few seconds, and you will just require less than 10 minutes to style your hair— depending on your hair thickness. It provides nice brushing massage with smooth combing without pulling your hair. Ceramic works seamlessly with damage hair and anti-static technology to fight frizz, resulting it leaves your hair glossy and soft. This hair straightening brush is powered with an auto-timer which turns it off after 30 minutes automatically to protect from overheating. Gisala is suitable for most hair types.

So these are some of the best hair straightening brush of 2019 and you can choose any of them by checking which is the most suitable for your hair types.