Game Of Thrones Season 8 Trailer

Waiting is over of Game of Thrones season 8 trailer of final ending is coming soon with the power of dragon against the dead walkers. This is not the rumors or not any production but they got trailer is reveal today officially with some specific hints that will give you a imagination of the great winter fall war of warrior vs. white walkers.

On the off chance that you were anticipating epic for the final ending of the HBO blockbuster Game of Throne series, this almost two-minute look positively hits the objective like a “King Slayer”. The present trailer of Game of Throne season 8 likewise comes a little more than a month prior to the numerous Emmy Award winner is returns for its last season 14TH April 2019.

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If the Game of Throne maker team fulfills the expectation of millions of viewer from all around the world then it is confirm that GOT 8 will be the blockbuster in 2019 as well and also the Emmy award will be confirmed for all those brilliant characters.

There are some twists in the game of thrones season 8 trailer which I personally point out and also add the link of game of thrones trailer, so you can also watch the first look of season 8 and share your point of view on Game of throne season 8.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Character Still Alive

These are the character that are alive and play their role as per the need of the story script in The Game of Thrones Season 8. These characters are studied from the GOT season 7, where they continue play their role and stay alive till last episode of Game of Thrones.

1# Jon Snow

2# Daenerys Targaryen

3# Cersei Lannister

4# Tyrion Lannister

5# Sansa Stark

6# Ayra Stark

7# Bran Stark

8# Jaime Lannister

9# Brienne of Tarth

10# Theon Greyjoy

11# Samwell Tarly

12# Davos Seaworth

13# The Mountain

14# Varys

15# Jorah Mormont

16# Melisandre

17# Euron Greyjoy

18# The Hound

19# Bronn

20# Tormund Giantsbane

21# Gendry

22# Yara Greyjoy

23# Grey Worm

24# Missandei

25# Daario Naharis

26# Jaqen H’ghar

27# Beric Dondarrion

28# Meera Reed

29# Podrick Payne

30# Gilly

31# Lyanna Mormont

32# Ellaria Sand

33# Qyburn

34# Robin Arryn

35# Hot Pie

36# Eddison Tollett

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Official Trailer

Arya Stark is scared from something which is deep down in the winter fall castle or someone familiar is alive again. John show is coming has completed his journey to Winterfell with the Daenerys the mother of dragon and the army is prepared to fight against the white walkers. It is seem that Cersei will do some bad ass type of things during the war and that will make her suffer for long time if she survive white walkers war zone.

People of Winterfell know very well that this is the final time and very less chance to service but no one knew John show properly, the power of wolves will always remain strong in the winter woods. The Lannister of Casterly Rock are also prepare for the battle over the sea and waiting for their contribution in war against the white walkers. There have many threats which are hidden in this GOT 8 trailer such as last season one of the dragon of Daenerys was dead and turn in to the white walker which will be the biggest challenge. Mother of Dragon is personally introducing the John snow with then which is quite possible that the dragon will listen to him as well during the game of thrones season 8.

There are many other hidden doors of game of thrones trailer season 8 will be open during the next season 8 trailer 2 or Game of thrones S8E01. Meanwhile check out the predictions of Game of Thrones season 8 characters, which deserve as per good deeds and evil deeds.

Game Of Thrones Season 8 Predictions

The Predictions of Game of Throne Final season will be as follow with some characters, as per the behavior and mentality of these characters in Game of Thrones Season 8 Wallpapers seems clearly, which made me to predict the upcoming status of main characters listed below.

1# Jon Snow loved the family and friend which make him towards with the death or suffer worse.

2# Arya will upgrade with an unexpected development as a face-swap.

3# Sansa will be no more trustful and can betray anytime her benefit of danger comes.

4# Jaime will die because of the illegal relation with his sister, a religious or other beliefs death.

5# Cersei will drive humanity to the state or process of being or becoming extinct.

6# Bran will fight as a silent knife and kill the dead from the inside but seem a useless character to everyone.

7# Daenerys is brave and powerful character which will be stay for long long time.

8# Tormund will not stop trying to get a happy ending with Brienne.

9# Brienne will always bound with the oath

If you think that this article give you the clear idea of Game of Thrones 8 season the final end then share your point of view in comment section. Also you can assume who will dies in season 8 of Game of throne. Just comment below.