I plan with my friends for Christmas vacation last year 2018 at arctic to see the magic of the northern lights Norway. An Aurora northern light 2018 was so awesome and the beautiful nature which I had never seen but my body is not so fond of so cold place, this coldest place makes my body to get contact with the Frostbite. Try to avoid the frostbite from ice pack which can also damage the skin tissue and you will get the Frostbite.


Most of the People do not know that what is frostbite?

What is Frostbit: Is the injury or damage of the tissue, this happen when the body is exposed in the cold atmosphere means extreme cold weather. This results comes to gangrene (Dead Tissue), to the specific part of body affect to frostbitten fingers, nose and frostbite on toes. When the body is freezing and the blood vessels contract to reduce the flow of oxygen and blood to the particular part of the body such as hand, feet or nose. This makes the color of the skin changes which indicate that the tissue of the skin is injured this is called the Frostbite.

The above frostbite definition means that whenever you are in close to Frostbite then you should alert yourself and try to keep warm for as much as time you get until the safe place does not reach.

Note: Never use Alcohol because it quickly reduces the body heat. And Keep the first aid for Frostbite as people keep the first aid for sunburn when they get direct contact with the sunlight or heat substance like fire.


You Should Know The Symptoms of Frostbite to get less skin tissue damage and keep your body safe from the extreme cold weather. There are three steps of Frostbite that will let you know how it starts due to the direct contact with the cold

First Stage of Frostbite which is called Frostnip:


Frostnip is the very first stage which makes your skin red but does not damage the skin tissue. You will feel cold on the touch of your hand which indicates that your skin does not have the strength to stay in the cold place and it will have a prickling sensation to the fingers, also feel numb.


  • It can easily be treated with the First aid.
  • Try to cover with the warm clothes or gloves, until reaches to the warm area or place.
  • Use the warm water for soaking the affected skin for warming till 20 to 30 minutes.


  • Never use the hot water to warm the affected skin from the frostbite.
  • Never use the heat source such as heating pads or stoves which cause more burn to the skin and then you should need first aid for sunburn type of medical.

Recovery Hints:

When your skin get contact with the warmness then you will feel some tingling and pain which is a good sign. If you feel more pain then you should take the medicine such as ibuprofen under the prescription of the doctor or certified person.

Second Stage of Frostbite which is called Superficial:

Second Stage of Frostbite

When your skin is contacted with the second stage of Frostbite then the color of your skin will turn into the paler color which means the redness is getting worse. Sometimes this skin color turns into the blue, this seems as similar as blue waffles.

In this stage, the ice crystals will form in the skin and make your skin feel hard like a rock or frozen.

You will also feel swelling on the skin as we shown in the picture and also warm some stage. This means that your skin tissue is being damaged by the frostbite second stage Superficial.

You will observe the purple/blue skin color to the affected area and swelling will appear or you will also feel the burning/stinging.


  • The skin needs instant medical treatment, even you are at the second stage. There are more chances to recover the tissue for future damage.
  • Warm the skin damage area immediately.
  • Wrap the damage or injured area for protection.
  • As per medical contact, you will also be given the intravenous (IV) fluids for body hydrant.
  • Get the help from the certified doctor to drain the blisters.
  • Some time blister appears as infected which is prescribed by the doctor. To reduce the infections, use the doctor antibiotics.


  • Never puncher or pin the fluid-filled blisters which appear on the effected are of the skin.
  • Never go to the cold area which will increase the pain or numbness to the old frostbitten area again.

Recovery Hints:

If your skin color turns in to normal then you are recovering from the superficial frostbite, most of the time people recover from the second stage of frostbite.

You will see that your new skin is growing under any scabs or blisters, which means that your skin tissue is getting strong again.

Third Stage of Frostbite which is called Deep Frostbite:

Third Stage of Frostbite

If you are at the third stage of frostbite then it means your skin and tissue both are affected deeply. Your skin color will seem as splotchy or blue look like the blue waffle. Your damage skin area will feel pain or cold type of numb sensations. The moment of the muscles will also get in trouble due to the affected from the frostbite.

At this stage, the blisters will fill with blood due to the deep skin tissue damage. This is the bad sign of skin damage and will take lots of time to recover as per the growth of new tissue cells.

Some time doctor waits for the treatment of frostbite injury, due to the full determination of the extent damage.


  • Immediate medical treatment needed to the third stage of frostbite person.
  • Treatment starts as same as the second stage frostbite skin damage does.
  • Warm the area which has been contact by the frostbite.
  • Use the medication for the pain as per the doctor suggestion.
  • Wrap the deep frostbite area after warm.
  • For the Hydrant use the IV fluids.
  • Some time doctor use the clot-buster in medication which help to flow the clot blood and release the blood to the injured area.
  • You will feel hard or black to the frostbite area while warming treatment. This means that the dead tissue will be removing and new will appear as per time.
  • Some time the doctor needs the surgery to remove the dead tissue, if it does not remove by its own.


  • Never use personal treatment or some trick, this will increase more damage to the skin tissue.
  • Keep your personal treatment away from the frostbite dead damage area because you may get more damage and can amputate some part of the body like fingers.

Recovery Hints:

  • New skin will appear with a long time.
  • Feel the skin and bones as before.
  • In some case amputated are grow again.

Note: Never try to rub those areas of the body, which get contact with the frostbite.

Things You Should Know Before Plan For A Vacation Or Visit Opposite Place (COLD PLACE) of Hometown for Parents/Kids.

If you are visiting Extreme Cold place then you should keep in mind, get always from the frostbite problems or be prepared before visiting the cold place.

1) Get the Knowledge of Weather Forecast before visiting the place: If you think that your body is coming in a contract with the Frostbite, protect yourself to get wet while in the cold and do not touch or stand on the direct metal surfaces.

2) Dress up as per the Cold Whether such as mittens gloves. Cover your ears with warm material; wear hardy hats, scarves and ski masks to protect face. Also wear the sunglasses with the windproof and waterproof outer garments.

3) If the clothes are wet due to some accident then immediate change those wet clothes for safety purpose.

4) Keep first aid for hypothermia because some time body contact with water and person frostbite turn into the hypothermia, its better that you eat nutritious meals to get hydrated.

5) Aware of Frostbite symptoms which will get you to help in the first stage of Frostbite. If we ignore the first steps then it will forward to the more serious Frostbite. Then it will take more time to recover your skin tissue, Keep your body in the attention of medical and warm area immediately.



  • These below points are very important to keep your body away from the Frostbite
  • Always wear the comfortable layers which help you to walk or run, try to use light and lose clothes.
  • Feet & toes are the commonly affected area of Frostbite in cold weather, so always cover them to keep warm.
  • Wear full Mask to cover the head, to avoid skill tissue damage from frostbite.
  • Wear mittens gloves that have two sections for thumb and finger. This will help in full protection to your hand in cold weather.
  • Never let the snow goes inside of your clothes including boots, due to our warm body the snow can easily melt and get content with the Frostbite.
  • Bring the nutrition food along with you to keep the body hydrated.
  • Always remember the Frostbite symptoms before go to the cold weather.


These images are not for everyone to see, if you have the strong heart then you can scroll down to see what happen when the frostbite damage the skin tissue in different part of the body.

Frostbite Images

Frostbite Images

Frostbite Images

Frostbite Images