It is not just a post; this is my personal experience of beautypedia that I am sharing with you all. One of my good friends uses to love makeup and cosmetic products. As a student, she spends all of her pocket money on beauty products during the middle of the month. And this happens every month, one day, her skin got an infection, and the reason was those fake cosmetic products. She got proper treatment and suggested beautypedia. This platform provides complete information related to beauty products and allow the user with the appropriate guidance.

Let us discuss in details that what we got from beautypedia platform and how does it provides service to thousands of users. Paula Begoun found this platform; she is the real expert of beauty and also known as “The Cosmetics Cop.” As a businesswomen and radio host of American talk show. She also gets success by introducing the world Paula’s Choice and Beginning Press Publishing.

She said “The beauty industry needs to change. There needs to be more truth in beauty.”

In the Beautypedia website, you will get all the necessary cosmetic products according to the need of person’s skin condition. This website provides accurate information related to beauty tips, guidelines, and products are all created by the expert Paula Begoun. She has introduced nine editions of beauty book to the world where she described the benefits and harms of cosmetic to the skin. The beautypedia of Paula choice skincare was introduced to the world in 1995. Since then she has contributed with the best healthy skin to the world of women’s. There are wide ranges of beautypedia products available for the women every type of skin.

The main theme of that bestseller author book is “Don’t Go to The Cosmetics Counter Without Me.” The main goal of Beautypedia owner Paula Begoun is to find the absolute products that match your skin. In this place, the entire customer and visitors are committed to the honesty, facts (high standards) and excellence. During the years of beautypedia, the quality and standard that was shows in the first place haven’t changed until today.

BeautyPedia Review

There is a latest research been followed with the thousands of reliable products which Beautypedia website followed. This website is designed to find the information on every product, which allows the positive help to your skin and provide a beautiful look when applied. The method is different from other beauty companies. Everybody doesn’t need to agree with BeautyPedia; some give the one start to BeautyPedia products because of poor packaging, combination mixed in one product which is avoided, or disappointing formula.

If you are concerned with the beauty products, then try BeautyPedia products that include the secret formula of Paula Begoun. These products have the records to provide the absolute best treatment in regular bases by Appling these products.

The company assigns the products according to the rating out of five stars. These ratings are given by the customer who applied these products and got benefits without any harm. This method is also known as published scientific research where Paula and her team do not change the rating of the products. But arrange the products according to stars such as 5 stars (superior), 4 stars (excellent), 3 stars (Average), 2 stars (below average), and 1 star (Poor).

Best BeautyPedia Product By Paula Begoun

1#. Paula’s Choice Skin Recovery Kit:

Paula's Choice Skin Recovery Kit

If you want the complete kit, then these 7 products come with the best package for your skin. You get the facial cleanser products in this skin recovery kit. There is a lot more you get in this package such as a serum, night cream face mask, Exfoliator, Moisturizer with SPF, and toner. The skin lever is an amplifier with this skin recover kit and provides smoothens skin. You will feel the dewy smooth skin while addressing signs of aging visibly.


2#. Paula’s Choice Boost Peptide Booster Serum:

Paula's Choice Boost Peptide Booster Serum

This serum is specially made for Anti-aging and reducing the wrinkles from the face. It came with the 0.67-ounce bottle and added Amino Acids in the complex. If you have skin allergic to such acid, then you should avoid this product. If your skincare concern sensitive, acne, dryness or fine lines, Paula’s Choice provide got a treatment line for you.


3#. Paula’s Choice defense hydrating gel to cream:

Paula's Choice defense hydrating gel to cream

This product has added green tea extracts with facial cleanser formula. If your skin is polluted with cigarette smoke, small particulate matter, vehicle exhaust or smog, then Anti-pollution formula will help to protect your skin. If you apply this product for daily use, then you feel the change on your skin. And as per the ranking and review, I am sure that the search for the best skin care product will end here with this product.


4#. Paula’s Choice skin recovery dry skin:

Paula's Choice skin recovery dry skin

This product contains super antioxidant concentrated serum which helps to protect dry, dehydrated skin. It is the best cream for those seasons when your skin gets dry. It has the formula to fights multiples signs of aging. For the best result, apply this product twice a day. If you have a spot on your skin, this product also provides the treatment and reduce spots on the skin.


5#. Paula’s Choice Skin balancing oily combination:

Paula's Choice Skin balancing oily combination

With the help of niacinamide and hyaluronic invisible finish gel moisturizer, you can control the oiliness on your skin. This beautypedia skincare product also helps to reduce the pores and disappears the wrinkles/fine lines on the surface. The solution with Paula added in this product is highly effective for skin care.


6#. Paula’s Choice Radiance renewal mask:

Paula's Choice Radiance renewal mask

This luxurious, formulated skin renewing product works with the best when applying at night. It provides a boost and intensifies hydration to your skin. There is no irritation in this product, and it is a fragrance-free product. As per the manufacture they never tested on Animal, so try to avoid applying on animals. Within a couple of time after applying this product, you will feel refreshing skin and radiance boost. You can use this product once a week overnight.


7#. Paulas Choice BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant: AMAZON’S CHOICE

Paulas Choice BHA Liquid Salicylic Acid Exfoliant

This exfoliant is especially to remove blackheads with profound facial. It also helps to reduce wrinkles and fine lines from the face. With the help of advanced formula, it helps to repair skin and reduce enlarged pores. Paula’s choice product hydrates the skin and increases the brightness on skin tones. A BHA exfoliator offers hydration and can exfoliate directly within the pore and enhance the way the pore operates.


8#. The Ordinary Buffet 30ml: AMAZON’S CHOICE

Ordinary Buffet has a nice mixture of peptides and nutrients that replenish the skin to decrease signs of aging. It is the best new skincare product and offers compatibility with all skin types with lightweight hydration. In this product, you won’t get any fragrance. This item provides the most excellent UV-coated packaging for its sensitive components to be stable.


Final Words:

Paula Begoun is one of the best advisor and owner of perfect skin match beautypedia products. As per my friend experience, this product provides complete skin treatment and allows the skin to keep refresh in every season. There is a daily use product, especially for those who live in a big city and regularly get contact with germs, bacteria, dust, motorcars exhausted, etc. If you haven’t tried this product then g ahead and feel free to share your experience in the comment box. You can also share this information with your family and friends who are having skin troubles.