Avengers Endgame Trailer 2

It has been confirmed that Avengers endgame release date is 26 April this year as it conform by the Marvel. So what was the reason of Marvel to release the Avengers: endgame 2 trailer on Thursday 14th March? Was it the mistake or some new twist they want to share with the fans because the entire scans are well known by every Marvel fans, it’s a decent trailer that makes incredible utilization of shading with some cool black &white with red scenes. But some of the points we notice in the trailer which you will see through our article.

Endgame Trailer are full of suspense as we compare the first and the second, Tony will be dead, Tony is with the team to fight, no sign of Captain Marvel in fight or she is the one who defeat Thanos all the question are appearing in every Avengers fans.

We see all our enduring saints, including a fun minute among Thor and Captain Marvel toward the end. We see Nebula looking truly angry, Ant-Man doing his little superhuman piece, and Hawkeye with a kind of-Mohawk which is cool.

We likewise might just observe minutes just before the passing of a portion of our most loved characters, similar to Captain America. It’s conceivable that Tony Stark, Steve Rogers and Thor will all make it out of this alive; however, I wouldn’t rely on every one of the three enduring (survivor) because of Marvel story always turned into new situation.

Danai Gurira also shown in the Avengers: Endgame new poster which means that may be she will become the main part in the Avengers endgame or help the Captain Marvel to defeat the Thanos.

You have notice in Avengers: Infinity War at the end where people are disappearing at the list Samuel l Jackson as Nick Fury had the detonator to send signal of high danger alert. There we saw the Captain Marvel Logo on that device screen. Does she answer fury page message or it is connected with the time travel dimension portal door open for Carole Danvers or something new system will login for Avengers to end game in this movie.

New member in Avengers: End Game Trailer

In the Endgame Trailer at the end you can see clearly that Captain Marvel (Carole Danvers) meets a Norse god which means that may be she will appear in the Endgame season or their will be the second part, Marvel is difficult to understand what comes next.

Avengers Endgame Trailer 2

Avenger: Endgame trailer also sparks rumors about Kate Bishop “the the teen Avenger version of Hawkeye and super heroine appear in Marvel Comics”. Now she is has been spot light in the Avenger trailer 2. Getting train by the Clint Barton (Jeremy Renner) to become the sharpest bow and arrow person in Avenger team by Hawkeye as it seen in the Avengers endgame trailer 2. Few second shot of Hawkeye is teaching young girl archery and it was great joy when she hits the bull’s eye.

Avengers: Endgame Official Trailer 2 By Marvel Studios’


New Avengers Endgame trailer is a huge mistake of distributer Walt Disney Studios in the latest endgame trailer because it had already been discuss all the necessary point related to Avenger endgames previous trailers and also the movie release date 26 April 2019 has been shown in public. The main scene which makes me to think a mistake is where entire Avenger team is seen in Quantum suits with their perfect size. This is a moment that should maybe discourage you from even watching the Avengers 2 trailer of endgame.


This suspense boom the fan when the second trailer of endgames release today, it was shown in the previous trailer that you remember that stark is in a rocket/capsule type of thing and floating in a space. He is recording a sad message for Pepper Potts that shows that he will be dead soon and never see her again. But Tony Stark and Nebula are seen with the endgame group where they are walking alongside with Avenger team in a Quantum suits at the end of Infinity War. They both are on Titan as you can see in the screen shot of the end game trailer.

There are many other points that will reveal on the 26 April in theater and the Avengers endgame tickets are already seen online pre-order. If you get the perfect place to grab the ticket share with us and also enjoy your Avenger Endgame trailer.