What is Activated Charcoal and used

You have heard about charcoal for fire cocking Bar-B-Q uses but activated charcoal is kind of power bank electric source type of name as you hear the first time. Actually, activated charcoal is one of the multitask element that is used in medical treatment in order to heal the patient and is completely body diagnosis.

It is a black powder which is fined odorless and mostly used in a hospital emergency room which allows the doctor to treat the overdoses from the patient body. It is possible because the activated back powder has the chemical power to stop toxins from being absorbed in the stomach and it helps in binding to them. The human body does not absorb this charcoal and the toxins, so it binds to the charcoal by removing from the body through human feces. Now you understand what is activated charcoal used for? So we discuss some differences between normal charcoal and activated charcoal.

If you are confused about charcoal and activated charcoal differentiation then read this differentiation and you will be clear about the normal and carbon-based charcoal. Most of the time people are very confused or misunderstanding about different between activated carbon and activated charcoal which is the two different name of same charcoal which is activated by treating with oxygen and go through the process to increase the porosity.

What is Normal Charcoal Vs Activated Charcoal?

Normal Charcoal:

Normal Charcoal

  • Charcoal comprises of the component carbon.
  • Carbonic mixes are inexhaustible in plants, creatures, and other living life forms.
  • At the point when creatures pass on, these carbonic mixes are at last changed over to other carbonic mixes.
  • In Charcoal when water and other unstable substances are expelled from the carbonic exacerbates, the subsequent item is charcoal.
  • Charcoal is in a strong structure, and it has dark grey shading.
  • It contains fiery debris (ashes); in this way, charcoal doesn’t have carbon in its unadulterated structure.

Activated Charcoal:

  • Another name of activated charcoal is activated carbon
  • While delivering activated carbon, charcoal is treated with oxygen.
  • At the point when charcoal is initiated, it is handled in a manner to expand the porosity.
  • Along these lines, activated carbon will have a substantial surface zone, which can absorb substances viably.
  • This principally builds its viability as a channel.
  • In this manner, activated carbon is chiefly utilized in water channels, in the synthetic filtration process, and in a drug.
  • As we use them, the impurities will in general collect in the carbon surfaces.
  • So the disadvantage of utilizing this is they turned out to be less effective as we use them.

IMPORTANT: Activated Charcoal is on for children under a year; make sure that if it is necessary to apply charcoal on children concerned with the certified doctor.

What are the Side Effects of Activated Charcoal?

Following are the activated charcoal side effects that you must know before applying in regularly or emergency bases.

There are common side effects of having activated charcoal such as stool color turn black, due to body misbalance getting vomiting, constipation and diarrhea. It is not so dangerous thing that you scared off but there are some serious side effects that you need to be noticed before having the activated charcoal.

  • Some time the intestines or stomach get blocked
  • The worse fecal impaction experience such as stool gets stuck by hard dry lumps in the gut.
  • Having the aspiration problems in which the berating in mucus, foreign or fluid into lungs.
  • Sometimes having the oxygen trouble, or develop scar tissue or even bronchial tubes of lungs narrow which are the life-threatening conditions.

These side effects are not common, if you get contact with any of these serious side effects then immediately contact your family doctor or concern with a professional certified medical person when you have the above symptoms because of activated charcoal. Also to read out what to eat before & after workout?

What is the Dosage of Activated charcoal?

If you ever buy the activated charcoals then you have noticed that this product comes in two foam liquid & powder which is packed as per weight or doses such as 120ml/25g, 72ml/15g and 240ml/50g. You cannot be sure about the activated charcoal dosage because only professional like poison control center operator, pharmacist or doctor can advise the correct information about how and when to have activated charcoal in certain cases of overdose.

Most of the time people panic and take an overdose of activated charcoal in certain condition like accidental poisoning, in these case contact your family doctor or call poison control center contact number from Google search it provides a closest contact number to your location.

If you missed an activated charcoal dose then it is not the real issue because it is used when absolutely necessary.

IMPORTANT OF ACTIVATED CHARCOAL: In some cases activated charcoal does not work although we know that it is best for treating poisoning or overdose effectively but some time it does not work when body get contact with some strong overdose like drinking alcohol contain ethanol or methanol, isopropyl alcohol, Lithium, Mineral acids like boric acid, Cyanide, phosphoric acid, Organic solvents formaldehyde, sulfuric acid, magnesium, acetone, nitric acid, benzene, isopropyl alcohol, sodium, chloroform, Alkali metals like potassium and nitric acid.

When we should not take activated charcoal?

It is important that you should know when and in what condition you should not have activated charcoal such as

  • Hemorrhaging problems when bleeding severely
  • When digestive tract have tears or holes
  • If you are having the kidney disease
  • Recently had surgery
  • If you are having liver disease
  • Digestive issue such as the poor movement of food through stomach, blockage or poor moment of substances through intestines
  • Having dehydration
  • Low levels of fluid in the body

It is very important that you concerned with the doctor before having Activated charcoal.

Is Activated Charcoal Only Used for Gas?

No Activated charcoal does not apply for Flatulence (reduce intestinal gas) but also help in different ways such as

  • Reduce Phenytoin levels
  • Treat Poisonings
  • Prevent diarrhea
  • Lower cholesterol level
  • Reduce phosphate levels in dialysis
  • Prevent hangover
  • Calm upset stomach
  • Treat bile flow problem

By having the Irinotecan chemotherapy drug patient got diarrhea so activated charcoal help to reduce. Now you are clear that activated charcoal for gas is good with other benefits that you can apply on purpose.


make Activated charcoal

Is it safe to take Activated Charcoal Daily? Taking activated coconut charcoal once a day is an extraordinary method to enable you to flourish in an excessively poison filled condition. It’s ideal to take it among dinners and a couple of hours subsequent to utilizing any nutrient or mineral enhancements, as it might meddle with their ingestion.


Some more Health care benefits that we provide form Activated Charcoal

1#. Alleviate Insect Bites and Stings

It can likewise haul out the tingle causing poisons from mosquito and honey bee chomps. Attempt this dark treatment formula and spread with a gauze, since it tends to be somewhat untidy.

2#. Mitigate Upset Tummies

Actuated charcoal does ponder against swelling and gas, being an astounding retentive of poisons from straight inside the stomach.

3#. Eyeliner

Utilizing common eyeliner is so justified, despite all the trouble! There’s no motivation to put hurtful synthetic compounds around the fragile eye zone when you can undoubtedly prepare a characteristic rendition utilizing enacted charcoal, aloe vera, and coconut oil.

4#. Make Detox Soap

Activated charcoal cleanser can be utilized on your whole body and even all over. It’s shedding, detoxifying and clearing up, without drying out the skin.

5#. Acne Cleaner

Skin inflammation inclined skin will love this natively constructed enacted charcoal face veil can be utilized topically or on the whole face, draining the poisons out of the skin and getting it more clear quicker.

6#. Skin Detox

It ingests overabundance oil and it washes down the pores in minor minutes.

7#. Mascara

Blending actuated charcoal with coconut oil, aloe vera and beeswax and it won’t simply obscure your lashes, yet condition them as well.

8#. Brighten Teeth

Dark enacted charcoal will make your teeth whiter. Making teeth-brightening glue is as simple as blending the powder with some water and touching it onto your teeth. It works by changing the pH of the mouth and it ought to be utilized 2-3 times each week for best outcomes.

9#. Skin Shed

Tenderly peel your face a few times per week with this actuated charcoal scour from Live Simply. It will leave your skin feeling perfect and revived, similar to you just left a spa.

10#. Make Deodorant

Make your very own cream antiperspirant by blending 4 tablespoons of coconut oil with a mix of 2 teaspoons initiated charcoal powder, 1/3 container starch and 1/3 glass preparing the soft drink. It may be somewhat untidy, yet your armpits will much oblige.

Also, Help In Kidney Health: Another benefit of activated charcoal is that it helps in kidney problem, by assists it function and remove the entire drugs and toxins that are harmful to kidney.

How to make Activated charcoal @ home tutorial

It is a lengthy method to activated charcoal at home for that you need charcoal which is made by burning hardwood and other things mention in the list.

Things Need:

  • Calcium chloride
  • Solid lid or glass jar but not the aluminum mixing
  • Water measuring cup
  • White cloth piece or cheesecloth
  • Flat pan or cookies sheet
  • Solid container

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Step #1. First, you need charcoal which you can make from hardwood burn or purchase from the local market.

Step #2. With the help of hammer smash the charcoal until it foams a powder. And then put the entire charcoal powder into nonaluminum container (Glass/stainless steel).

Step #3. With water make calcium chloride solution 25% wherein 300ml water can easily dissolve 100grams of calcium chloride. (1.3 cup water, 3.5 ounces calcium chloride). The Jar will be very hot so you can slacken the top a little to discharge some warmth and after that reseal. You can obviously blend a greater amount of this in the event that you need to make an extremely expansive group of activated charcoal yet best not to blend more than you will require.

Step #4. By adding calcium chloride solution makes a paste of powdered charcoal with slowly adding solution and mixed it till formed paste. Any powder or leftover solutions remain so discard it.

Step #5. Put it in a bowl and leave it for dry for one day.

Step #6. Using the cheesecloth or white cloth spread the entire paste, and with clean water rinses the charcoal. Also, put some container to catch the water which will be filtered through a coffee filter to recover carbon or you will lose it.

Step #7. On the cookie sheet or flat pan put the coffee filter with entire activated charcoal.

Step #8. Remove the moisture by baking the entire rinsed with temperature 250-F till 30 minutes.

Step #9. Now you got the activated carbon, cool it and store it in waterproof air tight jar.

You can also follow through video tutorial which helps you to make the activated charcoal at home.

Activated Charcoal For Purify Drinking Water

If you think that the tap water is not good for health then with the help of activated carbon you can filter your water. The best method that helps anyone to clean dirty water from activated charcoal and the full method is mention in a video tutorial.

Things needs for a high volume water filter:

  • Regular 2 liter soda bottle
  • Activated charcoal (available in online or mart close to your house)
  • Coffee/Tea filter

What this method do:

  • This can reduce chlorine from water and made safe drinking.
  • It eliminates fluoride and other compounds from the water.

In this way, you know how to make activated carbonate at home with the above method and also how to get benefits from it.

Benefits of Activated Charcoal for Skin and Hair

Activated Charcoal Skin Care Beauty Tips

In this method, we will discuss how to make a charcoal mask and save your money which is spending in the saloon.

Thing Needs:


Step #1. Add water and essential oil in a glass bowl

Step #2. Add Bentonite clay and mixed it. Keep for at least 15 seconds to absorb which help easy to combine the mixture.

Step #3. Add honey then mixed & mash with small rubber spatula which makes the clay to stay lumpy which takes at least 2 to 5 minutes.

Step #4. Apply the mask on your face and leave it for 10 minutes to get dry.

Step #5. Using your face wash or soap wash the mask from your face with warm water and then you will feel your face skin soft & shiny.

I Want To Buy Activated Charcoal Detox Products ONLINE

Activated charcoal is also available on the internet market with the top rated product we present these products.

1#. Nature’s Way Activated Charcoal:

This natural way activated charcoal user gets the 560 mg of a quantity which consists of 100 capsules. It has high potential that absorbs toxins and throughout of human body by the digestive tract. The packet contains small chambers with cavities to capture unwanted gas or materials and also safe to pass through the digestive system.

Price: $8.99

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 Amazon’s Choice

2#. Schizandu Organics Activated Charcoal with active coconut charcoal:

This Schizandu Organic charcoal is food grade detox with non-GMO veggie tablets. It is fully activated coconut charcoal that gives the perfect whitening teeth. You can even use this activated charcoal for the digestive system.

This charcoal finely processed activated charcoal powder includes much preferable adsorption over bamboo choices. Regardless of whether you’re searching for containers, an absolute necessity has travel adornment, or tablet or pills, these advantageous, tough, poison free cases will be your most loved to convey with you, just on the off chance that they are required. This activated charcoal is for topical and inner use.

Price: $15.99

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0

3#. Nature’s Way 100 capsule Activated Charcoal:

In this activated charcoal, package user gets the total 560 mg of material. It is very cheap in the rate but rich in performance which you can try it by yourself. Activated Charcoal has a high potential to ingest poisons all through the stomach related tract. Our Activated Charcoal contains no additives, yeast, milk, lactose, wheat, sugar, soy or corn. The charcoal at that point brings it securely through the stomach related framework. This Activated Charcoal is deliberately tried and created to affirmed quality gauges.

Price: $7.02

Rating: 4.6 out of 5.0 Amazon’s choice

4#. NaturaLife Labs Activated Charcoal:

The Naturalife Labs activated charcoal is natural initiated charcoal that conveys 1200 mg for each presenting with 100 veggie lover cases making it the most powerful recipe accessible available.

This natural activated charcoal got from 100% natural coconut shells with the greatest retention. The creation organization invests wholeheartedly in giving you 100% unadulterated actuated charcoal which does NOT CONTAIN fillers, magnesium separate, dioxides, additives, gluten, soy, sugar, yeast, starch, non-GMO.

Price: $13.89

Rating: 4.6 out of 5 Amazon’s Choice

5#. Zen Charcoal Activated Charcoal powder:

This charcoal is made for the hardwood activated charcoal and is mostly useful for beauty products that allow the user to apply this activated charcoal in the form of paste on the face. This help to detoxifies and keep skin healthier and glowing than ever.

Clean and brighten your teeth with all normal way. Restore and keep up your solid skin and hair. Detoxify your body and keep up sound processing by taking with your dinner or drink. Use for your bug nibbles, consumes, or inadvertent poisonings.

Price: $12.34

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 Amazon’s choice

Final Words:

It is very important that you read everything in this article before having the surplus amount of activated charcoal, every human body works as per the strength and stamina of the body. So seeing benefits to others by having activated carbon does not apply directly without having permission from your family doctor or certified person. We provide everything you need to know about Activated Carbon with the best product to buy online and other home remedies to make it. You will get some issue or raise any question related to this topic because it is something giving everything. Question us or share your experience in comment section.