What will happen if you do 100 Push Ups a day? In today’s article, you are going to find out. Before we go to our topic that what would happen when we do 100 push-ups a day, it is important to understand how a body build strength and mussels.100 Push Ups a dayA professor physiology Mark Andrews says as per some article related to this topic that it is not a scientific American thing. He thought about the two main ways that the body builds strength and there are only two ways which are Neural Adaptation and Hypertrophy.

Do you know what is Neural Adaptation and Hypertrophy?

1) Neural Adaptation

In this way, the body becoming more efficient with the moment and recruiting/firing muscle fibers. So your central nervous system (CNS) and Peripheral nervous system (PNS) get more efficient at doing the moment and using that muscle contraction.

2) Hypertrophy

This is just essentially increasing the size of the muscles cells and enhancing muscle strength. So these are the two ways that can help us to build the strength but how we can do that, follow the simple points that can help you out.

  • Apply a lot of stress on your body by the workout.
  • Then your body heals and it grows stronger.
  • Once you start training the first two till eight weeks, a lot of strength gains are going to be from your nervous system (Neural Adaptation) getting more efficient.
  • After that, your muscles increase due to Hypertrophy.

The Two Most Important Things

  1. Applying stress (Workout)
  2. Resting & Adaptation (Recovery)

If the above two most important things do not occur when you are not going to be getting strength gains, so based on that here what will happen if you do 100 push-ups a day. It’s just not going to be a very effective method for increasing your strength and here’s why?

Why the story of 100 Push Ups A Day

Let’s say that if you are a beginner and you are going to do 100 push-ups a day, your body on the first day is going to undergo a lot of stress which is really good and that’s what you want.

However, since you are doing it every day then you’re are not going to allow that crucial rest the occur, so after a hard work out you will need at least 48 hours to rest and recover. Otherwise, your strength gains are going to suffer.100 Push Ups a Day

So let’s say if you are advanced and you going to do 100 push-ups a day, well 100 push-ups for an advanced athlete will be way to easy where you are not going to put your body under enough stress to really initiate good strength gains and plus effects of doing a 100 push-ups a day, this means you are not changing/increasing the amount of resistance that you are applying on to your body, so this means you are going to plateau very quickly because your body is going to adapt to those 100 push-ups and you will need to add more resistance & make it more challenging to get the new strength gains.

What are the most important and effective methods for consistent gains?

As per based on the studies and our own personal experience here are some good rules of thumb to follow with your training.

The first rule is that how many times a week should you train:

# Stick to one to three per week with each target muscles.

# gives your body plenty of rest (at least 48 hours between each session)

Note: When I am talking about training it means you need a lot of stress on the body if you are doing condition work out where you do sets of pull up such thing like that you get a perfect stress. Such as basic skill, jogging, weight lifting exercise every day to get the more and more stress to your body.

Most Important Note: If your body feels to need rest then rest.

Second rule how many reps or resistance should you be adding into your workout:

Base on the studies of own experience

# Keep your reps low from 5-12 max that you will be going to see the best gains plus say the 100 push-ups.

# If any higher, you need to add more resistance to get effective strength gains.

# so you can do the advanced one arm push ups

# You can put on the weighted vest push ups which intermediate to advanced.


100 Push Ups a DayBenefit Tips!!!!! “Switching up the contraction and making it up more challenging for you”

The third rule is how much volume or amount of sets should you be doing

Now when it comes to volume, the number of exercises you going to do which is also important.

# According to the studies what we have seen is that you want to be high volume (3 to 5 sets of each exercise).

# Usually the lower the reps the more sets. For example three to ten (3 sets of 10 reps) against five by five (5 sets of 5 reps).

The Push-Up Challenge with some pictures [Before and After]

Completing push-ups might have been enough with the progress my form. My triceps Also midsection muscles turned into greater and All the more characterized. My abs got firmer. I expanded my quality Furthermore persistence.

100 Push Ups a Day

However, the effects were precise set on account of I might have been not expanding the weight I might have been lifting (my figure weight). My presence didn’t progress thick, as much, furthermore not destroyed my quality.

Some special tips that you give you the perfect body that everyone wants to see it.

  1. With the help of Pull-Ups, Dips, Squats and Push Ups whole body will be activated.
  2. At home, you can easily use free Madbarz workouts
  3. For chest and triceps use over train exercise.
  4. Give the break for at least 48 hours when you do the same exercise/workout.
  5. Try to use full body work out to get the balance in the body.
  6. Your body will get better in push-ups exercise only instead of doing heavy work out.
  7. While you come to the second stage of “Hypertrophy” need to focus on the muscular balance so you get the perfect build.


So forget the 100 push-ups a day and follows the above rules and simple guidelines with your work out which will show you the steady growth whether you are the beginner or more advanced, principle rules apply and you will observe the positive results if you’re a beginner.